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Site Work

Having the capability to equip every aspect of on and off site work, from site clearing to installing, utilities has required much growth and development in the modular industry. But now Southern Logistics Ltd. has become a warden of construction site services for all of North America. As a construction management firm, Southern Logistics Ltd. is able to stay with and support you from the beginning of your project to the bitter end from any and every construction angle.

We can help you determine which kind of building/structure would suit your needs best, help you save money and time. Once your project has passed through the design phase and is moving on to the construction phase, we can help you prepare the site as well as install the building and clean up the site. Then as you begin to use your space, we will make your work space a pleasant and cheering environment, by working with you to design a landscaping plan or developing a garden.

Our consultants will work with you to determine the most energy, time and money efficient method for installing your building; from what type of building you need to the type of landscaping plan that best suits your climate.

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