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Sand Storage & Salt Storage

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Sand Storage & Salt Storage

Stashing Your Salt and Sand

When you need to protect sand or salt deliveries from inclement weather or freezing conditions, Southern Logistics Ltd. Salt Storage Structures are the quickest and most economical solution. Because of their height and extra clearance, these buildings provide you with plenty of room to move sand or salt in quickly and easily; deployment trucks, loaders or plays can move in easily and maneuver with no internal columns to get in the way. These structures provide enough room to do things such as pickle sand, ensuring that weather will not delay or affect projects. The clear covers also supply abundant sunlight and provide natural ventilation, which eliminates moisture and keeps your products dry and easy to deal with.

Southern Logistics Ltd supplies customized sand containment solutions to governments, cities, private corporations and contractors, and other corporations.

These structures also provide corporations with a more environmentally friendly solution to their sand containment solutions; they keep rain, snow and other weather off of the salt and sand piles, removing potentially contaminating streams, groundwater, wells, vegetation, and agricultural operations from salt leaching. The structures also protect your products from the wind, reducing salt loss.

Southern Logistics Ltd.'s arch structures can not only withstand up to 90mph winds, but also balanced and unbalanced loads of snow of a at least 40 lbs per square foot. These maintenance facilities can be ordered:

  • In a 20' or a 200' wide structure
  • In any length desired,
  • With custom premium covers in multiple color options
  • With steel/non-steel roll-up entry doors and/ or roll-up sides.
  • And a 15 year warranty

These structures also withstand corrosion and provide a long-lasting sand and salt storage solution.

Even though these arch structures meet the International Building Codes and ASTM-13, they have little to no property taxes, have minimal foundation requirements, are easy to maintain, and have a low cost per square foot, resulting in great savings and long lasting satisfaction.

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