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The Multi Unit, Stackable, Reconstructable, Modular Building*

Southern Logistics' multi-unit modular buildings provide a "building block" solution to your problems. By configuring 12' by 60' modular space into incrementally larger spaces, your building can be built into almost any space you have. These standard modular sections can be joined together in a variety of ways to create a single building of almost any size. You can even stack them to build multi-story office space for even more flexibility.

Using multi-unit components to make up a single building not only increases the amount of space available on a given site footprint, it also keeps everyone working together under one roof, trimming installation, energy, time and labor costs.

By setting up an appointment with our consultants we will help you figure out the best way to get the space you need in the time and area that you need to fit it in and with whatever budget you are working with.

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