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Modular Construction: The Speedy, Flexible, Sustainable, High Quality Construction You've Been Looking For.

Many people shy away from using modular buildings because of their ugly, train-car like appearance. Now that modular buildings can be constructed with practically any floor plan specifications, however, there are number of benefits that modular buildings provide which conventional buildings cannot.

Whether you're an architect, government facility worker, or contractor you are constantly faced with the difficulty of having enough space to do your job effectively, quickly and efficiently. Southern Logistics Ltd provides a solution to this lack of space by offering modular buildings which have all the benefits of conventional construction and then some. One of the biggest benefits is that modular building methods can be completed in half the time of traditional building methods because both the job site and the building itself can be prepared simultaneously rather than having each part done separately and consecutively.

The concept behind modular construction is to combine technical innovation with certain processes and methods to ensure efficiency. This efficiency then ensures more reliable and higher quality buildings that are guaranteed by the Modular Building Institute (MBI) for their attractive architectural qualities and clever use of space.

Here are some of the major benefits of modular buildings:

  • Saves Time
  • Flexibile
  • High Quality
  • Sustainable

Modular Construction: The Time Saver

America has become known for her ability to construct things in a speedy and efficient fashion. By employing modular buildings, your building can be completed much quicker than if it were done by conventional methods. In speeding up this process you are one step closer to making money of your own and not spending extra money on projects that take longer than estimated. With modular buildings, the grading, foundation, utilities, etc at the site can be completed as the modules are simultaneously constructed at an off site factory. Once the project site is ready the modules can be moved and the finishing touches can be put in place, saving you 30 to 50 percent of your time over conventional building methods.

Modular Construction: The Flexible Solution

Modular buildings can be designed in any formation and to fit any external appearance desired. The interior can also be built with any desired floor plan, just like conventional buildings. Unlike conventional buildings, however, they have the flexibility to be seamlessly moved and reassembled as your situation requires.

Modular Construction: Master of High Quality

If 50 to 70 percent of the total building is completed off site, the quality is increased by a number of factors

  • Waste is reduced. Building in a factory means that you are inherently reducing waste and increasing quality control, by using a quality work force.
  • Work force operates in better/consistent conditions. A quality labor force can work much faster and better in a well-lit space, especially when that space is indoors and they do not have to try to work around the weather's schedule.
  • Consistency: reporting to a fixed location allows for a regular schedule and no extra costs for commuting to or from the job site.
  • Your most trusted and best workers can be assured of a permanent position. If the job location is fixed, then more workers will feel ensured that they are working in a stable environment.
  • Quality control: Tradesmen can more easily assemble and pool their resources to finish projects with greater cooperation, faster resolution and an overall better atmosphere for construction.
  • The modules are assembled on site. If most of the construction is completed in a factory setting, the modules can be created with more precision and care.
  • The same materials can be used to construct the modules that are used on conventional buildings.
  • Code requirements are always met or exceeded


Because of their ability to be mostly constructed in a factory setting, modular buildings are much more environmentally friendly than conventional buildings. Some of the environmental benefits include:

  • Less time spent on and traveling to the construction site
  • Fewer deliveries
  • Less noise, dust, staging, work site risk, and potential injury
  • No delays in scheduling from rain, snow, cold, heat and/or winds
  • Reduced parking needs because assembly can be completed by fewer workers
  • Reduced waste from unused materials

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