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Green Solutions

Green Building Advantages


Southern Logistics Ltd.'s green buildings, because their construction is concurrent with off site construction preparation, can be ready for use up to 50% faster than conventional buildings. This concurrent construction method is good news for any business that wants to be operating quickly, especially schools, medical facilities, offices buildings, or retail outlets. As soon as your organization is ready to go, your Modular green building are ready at the same time. You building schedule is not the only thing that is effected by this, however. Your energy, and labor costs also take a great cut.

Flexible and Custom-made.

Whether you require office space or extra equipment storage space, Southern Logistics Ltd can design your green building to your specific needs and desires. These buildings can be build from one to five stores, from 500 to 50, 000 square feet, as an addition to an existing building or free standing structure and with as many green specifications as you want.

These buildings are cost and energy efficient and use an advanced building technology for excellent performance as well as aesthetically pleasing. The buildings are built to be flexible so that they can change when your needs change; both interior and exterior walls can be easily reconstructed.

Healthy and Green With a Good Dose of High Quality

Three major environmental issues are addressed with these buildings: health, high-performance and being economically beneficial. Southern Logistics Ltd. utilizes renewable resources, HVAC systems, and ample day light to improve the working environment and make the building more energy-efficient, lowering maintenance costs. Most importantly, however, Southern Logistics Ltd. lets you decide what level of green you want your building to be.

Performance Criteria

More Efficient Thermal Comfort

The sustainable classroom's Quiet Climate 2 HVAC system, the most energy-efficient 'Bard' unit available for the portable classroom, features a pump that uses three ton heat and R-410A - a CFC-free refrigerant that does not damage the ozone layer. The system also has a ventilator with wall monitor, a carbon dioxide sensor, a programmable thermostat, and it operates at an ultra-low sound level that has an energy recovery program. The classroom is equipped with awning windows to allow for natural ventilation.

Better Indoor Air Quality

All the sustainable classroom options have reduced or no VOC options, which can greatly advance the general health of those in the building. When the HVAC unit is operating, it brings more fresh air to each student than a regular heating and cooling system at a rate of 15 cfm. Southern Logistics Ltd cases the buildings with Polyiso roof and exterior insulation, which moves the dew point to the exterior of the walls to decrease thermal bridging and potential mold growth in the walls and roof. The buildings are created with cavities in the walls and roof to allow air circulation and are raised onto a 3/4 inch plastic strip to prevent mold contamination

More Daylight

Large 6' by 16' windows increase window to wall ratio, granting better exterior viewing for the occupants and reduces artificial lighting requirements. Shelves are created in light colors to reflect natural sunlight into the classroom, sun shades on the exterior direct sunlight into the classroom, and sun tunnel skylights bring in day light, being most effective when the building is placed facing the south.

Reducing Excess Noise

An acoustical deck and an insulated vestibule is placed in the ceiling of these buildings which help minimizes noise exterior noise levels. The classrooms are also designed with extra insulation in the floors, roof and walls, and with the help of double glazed windows, and the HVAC sound levels can be greatly reduced through the building.

Energy Efficient

The HVAC system, operating in two stages and with an average of 44% more efficiency while cooling and 38% more efficiency while heating than a standard heating unit, and the use of a rigid Polyiso blanket over the roof and walls, increases the thermal rating. As the R-values in these buildings are increased in general, plus Icynene-sprayed insulation in the floor, the classrooms have at least 50% more thermal protection. The roof, with a TPO "Energy Star," is designed with a white roofing to reflect solar heat and lighting is regulated by photoelectric sensors and how many people occupy the people; the classrooms are sufficiently lighted with minimal light pollution by 'lidded' exterior light fixtures.

Southern Logistics Ltd makes an effort to stay green and uses recycled materials to construct all classroom solutions. For example, the carpet is made of recycled content, the interior finish is a natural formaldehyde-free fibreboard recycled wood product; the classrooms themselves have bamboo chair rails and FSC-certified plywood used on the floor. The classrooms, like all Southern Logistics Ltd. green solutions, are completed off site and are moved to the job site only when the job site is ready.

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