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Green Building: Modular Architecture

  • More natural lighting
  • Improved air quality
  • Better acoustics
  • Environmentally conscious manufacturing with non-toxic or recycled materials
  • Greater water and energy conservation
  • Design elements focused on LEED

The award-winning Green Building, which is designed to cater to your customized needs, has the best elements of modular construction and then some: speedy construction, delivery wherever and whenever you need it, limited disruption of your daily routine. The list does not end there, however. The building has a number of environmentally friendly elements in it, making it healthier to live and work in, more pleasing to the eye, and more flexible in design. It's perfect for schools, laboratories, office space, training facilities and much more.

Green buildings are built with the environment and people's health in mind. We construct the buildings with little to no VOC supplies, the best ventilation systems, and an exterior envelop on the building to resist mold. We also try to use as many renewable resources as possible, such as FSC certified wood products, bamboo, and other recycled materials. The buildings also conserve much more energy than conventional buildings because of their improved thermal resistance, white heat reflecting roofs - which cut down on heating and cooling costs - and specialized mechanical and electrical systems which sense occupancy levels and daylight to save energy.

Southern Logistics Ltd. offers a 'greener building' that can suit anyone from those who are more socially active to those who simply want to save a little money.

The New Green Room

Southern Logistics Ltd. provides classroom options that create sustainable environments that are ideal for the 21st century. While strictly adhering to the principles of sustainability, these classrooms combine the best in architectural design and modular construction. They are designed to have optimal energy performance, thermal protection and flexibility, and can be constructed to your specific size requirements.

These classrooms are manufactured offsite in a protected environment and then delivered to the site whenever it is ready (within three to six months). Having the rooms built before they come to the site saves up to 50% more time than conventional buildings, not to mention great financial savings.

The classrooms are designed with certain elements to enhance learning and create a better work environment. For example, the rooms are fitted with light colored shelves and increased daylight exposure as well as a number of state-of-the-art technologies to create the ideal working environment.

Advantages include:

In accordance with the guidelines and performance criteria of LEED, Green Building Rating System:

  • High efficiency water systems
  • Specialized heating (HVAC), cooling, and lighting systems to conserve energy
  • Reduction materials waste
  • Limited potential for moisture damage
  • Use of recycled materials in the building process
  • Reduced traveling costs

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