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Equipment Storage

If you need another structure to store equipment on site, Southern Logistics Ltd. equipment structures are the quickest and most economical solutions. These structures are created with extraordinary height and come in a 20' or a 200' wide option to give you plenty of room to move, easily make your repairs, and quickly load supplies and tools. The Hercules Truss Arch structures have no internal columns that get in the way of parking, your maintenance project, or large machinery. The abundant sunlight let in by the white fabric arches not only provides a cheerful and healthy environment to work in, but also an area to protect your equipment or supplies from weather and wear.

Southern Logistics Ltd.'s arched tents can not only withstand up to 90mph winds, but also balanced and unbalanced loads of snow of a at least 40 lbs per square foot. These portable maintenance facilities can be ordered:

  • In any length desired,
  • With custom premium covers in multiple color options
  • With steel/non-steel roll-up entry doors and/ or roll-up sides.
  • And a 15 year warranty

With the fabric covers, artificial lighting and heating/cooling needs are greatly reduced; the indoor temperature stays at a constant temperature throughout all seasons, providing you with a year round comfortable place to work and huge savings in energy bills. The arch structures also give you a healthier work environment by keeping out rodents and bugs.

Even though these arch structures meet all building codes and requirements, they have little to no property taxes, have minimal foundation requirements, are easy to maintain, and have a low cost per square foot, resulting in great savings and long lasting satisfaction.

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