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Custom Modular Schools

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Custom Modular Schools

When your school library needs to be extended, or the school needs a new gymnasium or nurse's office, modular schools are the best option. Southern Logistics Ltd. can create schools to have additional classrooms, facilities or stories to fit your specific needs. These buildings are constructed in a fraction of the time of conventional buildings, but are made to be permanent and operate just as well so your school can be operating sooner. Southern Logistics Ltd. can create a school to your specific designs and customizations. Once the campus is constructed, however, additions are easily attached to suit the growth in enrollment.

  • R-11 Insulated walls and floors
  • R-16 Insulated roof
  • 20 oz Commercial grade loop carpet
  • 2x4x8 Wall construction
  • Vinyl, gypsum-covered walls
  • 4" Vinyl cove base molding

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