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Building Foundations

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Building Foundations

Close to 90% of all modular building are installed on cinder block - or pre-cast block - foundations, which greatly minimizes the time spent in prepping the job site. A solid base pad is placed directly on the ground and the blocks are secured onto this pad. Using this process usually means that there is no need to perform a soil investigation to ensure that the ground is safe to build on. Though this type of foundation is not ideal for permanent buildings, it is perfect for a temporary solution

After the cinder blocks method, grade beams poured in place are the next form of foundation. This type of foundation is the perfect element to stabilize a permanent building, but it also requires a great amount of frame work and soil prepping. Most importantly, the soil must undergo investigations to make sure that the building, once constructed, will be supported by this specific chemical make up. Grade beams are commonly built even with, or slightly above, the ground level, which allows the modules to be easily placed on the foundation and secured with cinder blocks. Though this method is much more secure and lasting than simply using cinder blocks, it does up the costs and require much more work; 12" trenches must be dug where the building is to be placed, then a minimum of 3000psi concrete must fill the trenches.

The type of foundations that most resemble conventional construction foundations is the Stem-wall foundation, which, because of the two different types of pours, requires some very extensive framework.  The two pours, a concrete wall placed on top of a larger footing, results in a stem-wall and creates a crawlspace. The crawlspace must have an access spot, ventilation and drainage in the form of sumps or a French drain. Because of their extensive frame work, Stem-wall foundations are only used for permanent structures or if a building is located on a slope.

Depending on whether your project requires a simple cinder block or a full foundation, Southern Logistics Ltd. has the capability of helping you with any form of foundation. We have completed countless foundations and even have our own structural engineering.

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